An Artist Made A Facebook Account That Can Be Accessed By Everyone, And the Result Was Just Hillarious!

group of teenagers using mobile phone
Imagine if you and your friends own a single Facebook profile

We all know that Facebook is a place where everything is just crap and gold at the same time. People can act like they’re the Gods of this world while some like some silly ghost that stalks other people in their sleep. On Facebook, you can do almost anything (except maybe kill other people or anything). But it all goes down to the fact that everyone in Facebook is the same.

All of us have our own likes, dislikes and preferences on Facebook. Even you and your twin would probably have different set of friends. And that’s what makes Facebook very diverse. It makes every individual unique on their own ways. And when I say unique, expect it to be downward creepy, crazy, and out of this world.

This fact was proven when a certain user made a public Facebook account that would connect the world “in a single open facebook account”.

Yep, and as expected, it was downright creepy, crazy and out of this world!

Joe Veix, a writer and an artist, posted on Twitter the login details of a certain Facebook account. He thought about the things that could happen if a certain Facebook profile was controlled not only by one person, but by a community. Hence, Maximillien Manning was born!

Cover image and profile picture of Maximillien Manning
Cover image and profile picture of Maximillien Manning

According to Joe’s blog, “Max” had 154 friends and moved from various places. The account also liked 322 things which ranged from memes, gaming characters, communist pages, Elmer’s glue and even poop! It also gave 5 stars to ISIS!

The most interesting part of this is that Max trolled a customer, making her think that Max is really working for Taco Bell. And yes, the girl really fell for it.

But just like everything else in this world, Max didn’t last that long. After a few days, the account was closed.

disabled pop up
Yep, it was disabled.

So what could we learn from this amazing story? Never trust any customer representative from Taco Bell unless their name wasn’t Max.