This Guy’s Friend Was Sleeping When His Friend “Tried” to Kill Him!



What is the difference between a good friend and a true friend?

A good friend will help you get up when you’re down. A good friend will never trick you. A good friend will always make you smile and will tell you all the good stuff about you. A good friend will always be there for you, defending you from people who will bully you. A good friend will always be a good friend, no matter what happens.

So how about a true friend? A true friend will push you down cause he/she knows you’re a wimp (Chicken, get up!). A true friend will let you sit on a bench that’s still wet with paint. A true friend will make you feel worse after suffering from that break-up (coz you’re a wussy!). A true friend will leave you on the bully’s trail so that they’ll chase after you instead of him.

A good friend will prank you good, but a true friend will kill you with a heart attack with a very very good prank. Like this one!

Yes, what could be friendlier than you, revving up a bladeless chainsaw while your friend sleeps innocently on a car? It’s like you’re inside a cage and you are just freaking helpless and defenseless because you are freaking napping, when suddenly… CHAINSAW!

A good friend won’t go that far, but I guess this guy had true friends. Like seriously, I will definitely crap my pants once I am “shredded” by that merciless friend!

But I guess this guy is really a “good” friend since when the video finished, he just smiled as if his friend never made him a possible wussy. Good job, Frank!

So the next time you are sleeping and you are aware that you hang out with “true” friends, lock the door. Ensure that no one brought a chainsaw and maybe tie them down until you wake up.

That’s what friends are for!

This video article was submitted to us by Raffaela Krause!

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