This Phone Was Placed In The Wildnerness, And What Happened Next Was Just Entertaining!

(source: Joe Myers)


Technology is now so realistic that we could sometimes mistake it to reality. Humans made technology so advanced that we started having virtual reality right on our fingertips. Although some of us can differentiate virtual reality from the real reality, our animal brethren falls shorter. As a matter of fact, they still have difficulties in figuring out if the food in front of them is fake or not.

This is one of the reasons why people love to troll animals with technology. They just love to see their pet’s reaction when using our mobile phones, our gaming consoles, and other gadgets that could trick our furry friends. And yes, it’s just funny to watch!

One YouTube user thought of doing a silly trick by showing a video of pink, juicy, and “somehow” satisfying worms. So the person covered the phone playing a video of worms and put it on the ground.

That ground… is the area where frogs live. And what happened next was just adorable and funny at the same time! So frog lovers, please don’t bear you torches and forks…

See? Admit it! It’s just plain funny! Just look at those frogs thinking that the worms are real!

Well, I think it’s kinda sad for frogs to be fooled by this video, but you’ll just want to laugh after realizing that an army of frogs is swarming around this worm.

Don’t worry though because according to some commenters, 0 worms were hurt with this video. But we are not sure if there are still 0 worm casualties after these frogs realized that they were trolled by the owner of the phone.

So if you’re a frog and a gigantic hand suddenly played a video of a worm in front of you, do not be fooled.

There’s no such as “worm.av” worm, and I bet it’s not even delicious!