This Grandma Stood In The Middle Of The Street For This Funny Reason


I remember the last time when my Grandma danced awkwardly in front of the whole family. I know it’s kinda cringing, but I guess everyone loves seeing old Granny dancing and showing youth. And when she moves to “dance”, the only body parts that move are her hips and head. That’s it. Just her head and hips moving, and everyone’s cheering.

I do love how my grandma tries to wow us with her energy. You could almost spend the entire day watching her dance her arse off until she fell asleep. I mean, I know that almost all grandmas are really entertaining to watch. It’s just magnificent to see elderly people try their best to show that they’re not aging.

Another good example of this one is a certain grandma in Europe that knows how to freaking dance. Now what makes her different from other jiving grandma (sorry Granny) is that she’s picky when it comes to the songs that she’s dancing to.

She doesn’t want to dance unless it’s her friend who’s beatboxing the tune.

Let’s take everything piece by piece, okay?

  1. This guy who just combine harmonica and beatboxing is just plain sick! He definitely knows how to put things together. Seriously, I could listen to him all day without boring myself.
  2. This grandma was just walking around with her cute little dog when she started dancing to the tune. And no, unlike my Granny who only uses her hips and head, this granny groves to the beat with almost all of her body parts.
  3. Their combination was just magnificent. It’s like peanut butter and jelly sandwich, except it was a dancing granny and an epic beatboxer that were combined together to make the awesome team.

So yes, I do hope my Granny could dance as energetic as that grandma in the video, that is if I can imitate that guy’s beatboxing skills!

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