LOL! This Dinosaur Prank Will Surely Make You Wish You Have Your Own Raptor!

(source: AverageBroTV)


So you were just walking in the park, totally minding your own business when suddenly, a freaking dinosaur just spooked you out of your average life. Like of all the things (or animals, or uhm, reptiles?) that can pop out from nowhere, you got yourself a freaking dinosaur!

That’s what might these people thought of after seeing a moving dinosaur in the streets of America. In broad daylight when everything is just cozy and pretty normal, the least thing that you would expect is a life-size dinosaur waiting to devour you. That is of course in the funniest way possible.

But then again, we are on the age where dinosaurs don’t exist. They don’t just pop out from their fossils and have a leisure walk outside the streets to prank people. I highly doubt that they could even understand the meaning of prank (or even how to say the word PRANK). But some people just wanted the impossible, so they got a dinosaur costume.

Okay, let’s break this down. Dinosaur + Prank = AWESOME VIDEO!

AverageBroTV, a very famous YouTube channel that does epic pranks, created another creative prank by using a dinosaur costume to scare the sh*t out of everyone else.

As expected, not everyone liked the idea that a carnivorous monster was surprising their pretty quiet life. Like seriously, do you really want to ruin your drive-thru service with a dinosaur assaulting your meal? That’s not just right!

Now imagine yourself just minding your own business while definitely showing the whole crowd that you are the boss of your street when a freaking dinosaur marches in front of you (with a super convincing roaring sound effects.) Would you still mind going outside your house?


So bravo, AverageBroTV! That prank was a really well-played dino-crunching prank!