This Is How Flight Attendants Should Demonstrate Their Safety Precautions During Flight



For frequent flyers, watching flight attendants doing demos with safety tips is just plain boring. I know these demos are important because they can save your lives. But if you already knew it by heart, then watching it all over again is simply tiring. It’s like watching an infomercial 100 times in a row.

The problem with safety demos is that you can’t really change much about it. Since they’re important, you should be serious when showing it to your passengers. For me, it’s quite hard to have people understand something if you tell it as a joke. So, you better have it boring but educational.

But despite the fact that this is really boring, a certain plane came up with a solution. Unlike your traditional flight attendants, this plane chose a certain guy who won’t be using beauties in educating people.

Instead, he used comedy and a bit of wit to fully demonstrate flight safety. And trust us, you’ll seriously enjoy the whole process, and maybe lean a thing or two from them.

Instead of sleeping through the whole demo, you’ll keep your eyes peeled with every action that this male flight attendant does. It’s kinda like the thing that you really want to finish until the end.

So now, you won’t have to go through those boring demos because now, you get the chance to laugh and learn at the same time. And guess what, you might even know how to wear an oxygen mask in the process!

So instead of maybe grunting that you 30 minutes of demo is better off with sleeping, you just focus on this funny male flight attendant.

Thank you, male flight attendant, for making us believe that flights shouldn’t be that boring. May the spirit of safety go with you and your funny seatbelt demo!