Watch This Funny Karate Master Chop Everything From Bottles, Baseball Bats, And Even His Karate Students!

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Ever been on a karate class? Well, I have for 2 years, and pretty much learned a lot of stuff in the process. You’ll develop pretty much everything when studying karate. You’ll develop your skills in defending yourself. You’ll have a healthier body. You’ll learn how to keep your mind calm. Everything is almost improved when learning karate.

Some thinks that karate is just a very serious sport that has no fun in it. But to be honest, you’ll have lots of fun when you learn karate. You might even earn friends along the way. And yes, when you got great friends in karate classes, you can do silly stuff together.

I’ll confess that we already done some silly things while practicing karate. And trust me when I say this, we really laughed our arses off when we do the stupidest things inside our dojo.

So what are these silly stuff that I’m talking about? You better watch the video now to find out!

Yes, this is actually a “karate master” portraying his ferocious skills. I believe that just like my real master during those karate class years, this guy is pretty OP (over powered). Just look at how he managed to chop and tear that guys shoulders!

I think one of the best lessons in karate is never mess with the sensei. It is only if you like to be beheaded with a quick chop, or maybe even kicked in the body and let your hips detach from your main body frame. But if you don’t like those to happen to you, then I think you’re pretty safe.

So yes, I think we are going to agree that learning karate isn’t really always that boring and stressful. Just look at this funny sensei. Maybe join his class and get yourself blown by his awesome power.

Thank you, Karate class, for reminding me that even the most serious sport can be enjoyed by foolish people!

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