Meet Sean O’Connell, Probably Your Next Most Favorite UFC Fighter In The World, And Here’s The Reason Why!

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UFC is not your kind of sport if you’re not into cruelty and gore. It’s not like your ordinary WWE match where almost all stunts are practiced and staged (sorry, spoilers) by wrestlers. At UFC, everything is all about being the tough guy who will win the fight. It’s about being the stronger puncher, the faster pouncer, and the smarter grappler. And when you’re inside that ring, you’ll definitely feel the tension in the air.

I bet that you’ve already seen a bout before, and you could clearly tell that these fighters are pretty much serious about everything. When they are weighed-in, they’ll just pose and show their well-earned body, then stare at each other until one flushes out. It’s a common thing on every UFC weigh-in.

However, not all UFC fighters wanted this kind of tradition. This certain fighter believes that you don’t really have to act like a douchebag and scare the heck out of a person just to show that you’re really tough.

Cool perspective, right? Well, you gotta admit that! And if you do agree to that perspective, then you really need to watch him show the world what he really means by those words.

Meet Sean O’Connell, you’re not so typical UFC fighter. Although he doesn’t really possess any winning streak or some cool signature moves, he is loved by millions of UFC viewers.


It is mainly because he does the best weigh-ins in the whole world!

Unlike other UFC fighters, he doesn’t do some crazy stares. Instead, he lightens up everything by doing funny stunts such as playing rock-paper-scissors, toasting, or maybe taking a selfie with his opponent!

According to him, he does these kind of tricks just to show that they’re not really fighting because they’re angry at each other, but because it’s just a roster fight. He wants to show the world that hate isn’t really the reason why UFC fighter beat the crap out of each other.

Well done, Sean! You just earned a new fan!