This Man Screaming While Riding A Bungy Ride Will Definitely Make You Laugh!



Riding extreme rides from theme parks is simply one of the things that you should do when visiting one. It’s like one of the top items in your theme park bucket list. You can’t really say that you’ve been on a theme park without experiencing the thrill of leaving your soul on the bottom of a freaking ride.

Well, not all of us are brave enough to ride those crazy mechanisms. And with the rides of today that surpass your stereotypical rollercoaster, you will definitely go nuts once you’re in it. Like seriously, only the bravest of the brave can surpass it without screaming.

For today, we will be discussing one of these crazy rides. Please welcome, the reverse bungy ride that could strip your guts out and leave it on land as you zoom out to the sky at freaking speed. Some call it death, but others call it G-Max.

Don’t take this lightly because it will definitely force you to feel like you’re riding a rocket. Want some proof? Take a look at this guy!

At first, the guy on the video was definitely freaking out. He already knew what will happen to him and he is definitely scared.

As you can hear the people in the background telling him to smile and wave at the camera, this guy used his hands on a much less-life threating thing like holding the bar for his dear life (because keeping your life is better than having fans.)

So there was it.. The countdown begins..

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BOOM!

He shot up and rotated like a ball.

And the best part? AAAAY! AAAY! AAAAAY! AAAAAY!

If we could fix those with auto-tune, we could definitely make those screams into an awesome tune.

So folks, remember to vocalize before taking extreme rides because it will surely help!