This Cute Parade Featuring Marching Ducks Will Melt Your Heart!

(source: Kruimel1306)


Whenever you hear that drums and cymbals and some crazy kickass song playing in the background, you’ll immediately think of a band. Well, I think you’ll think of a parade more than a band with this case. But nevertheless, you’ll still enjoy the music while waiting for whoever is walking down the road!

Usually, you have famous people walking around when a parade is happening. It can also be people who are worth the ramp. Or sometimes, parades signify a movement to push something. But no matter who’s behind that parade, you’ll still enjoy it.

Every country as their own unique parades. Believe it or not, you’ll be surprised to find out that each parade has its own unique music and unique members. They will have their own “featured” people on the march which makes it more extravagant.

But believe it or not, the simplest parade can be the best parade in your entire life. All you need to have are 2 all-around instrument players and some fancy guests that will flaunt their tails!

The parade you just watched right now is known as the Ganzen Parade. We are not sure why is it called Ganzen, but we do assume that Ganzen goes with ducks or geese while parade is ugh, a parade!

Okay, let’s analyze this parade very clearly.

So you got your marching ducks (which is a big CHECK!)You got ducks lined up perfectly (which is also a big CHECK!) And the last thing that’s good on this one is that they’re freaking ducks doing a parade! Now what could be better than that?!

So when you visit their place and you hear that epic one man band coming and playing, you better grab your jar or bread crumbs, your camera, and some weird pictures of Donald and Daffy Duck, and welcome these quirky ducks on this awesome parade!