This Is Why You Should Never Hurt A Man! Man Splits His and Girlfriend’s Things In Half!

Oh Snap!
His patience were cut in half.

Girls, if you think you’re the only crazy ones in a relationship, you better think again. A certain German showed the world that if you really want to take things literally, we might do it, literally!

According to the person with the username Der Juli, his wife Laura broke up with him after spending 12 years in a relationship. This is why Mr. Awesome German here decided to give half of their belongings to Laura.

So what could push a man to spend his free time in cutting his things with perfection? Just ask Laura! Some reports say that Laura cheated on him with a friend, causing Der Juli to cut everything in half. Ouch!

And how do you think will he use these items? Der Juli said that he will send half of them to his ex-wife and half of them will be sold on e-Bay.

Of course, the Internet has its own thoughts about his crazy antics. Some thought that his idea was somehow classic. Some thought that his “move” made his ex-wife leave him. Some didn’t give a damn to him, just for his iPhone and his car.

He admitted that he never expected his video to be this viral. But now that his “half-baked” idea was all over the Internet, maybe Laura should give a second thought about the break-up.

Well, I don’t really know what to expect from this guy. Maybe he was just too stressed up and emotional when he did this. But still, it’s a better way to pour out the feels. You can definitely feel the rage and sadness seeping through his soul just by looking at these things!

Half Body Chair
Desperation? Nope! It’s Art!
Half Body TV
No need to ‘share’ the TV, either!
Half Body Car
Yep, you don’t need the back seat now.



Half Body Sofa
No one will sit with you anymore, so why get a whole couch?

Thank you, Mr. German Guy, for showing the world that we guys can also do stupid stuff to show that we are serious when it comes to relationships!

(cover photo image source: dailymail)