This Guy Pranked His Girlfriend With A “Ghostly” Hologram, And Her Reactions Is Just Priceless!

(source: AFV Approved)


If you definitely love someone, you’ll do all the things that could show your love to them. As a guy, I usually buy chocolates, flowers, or maybe take that special girl on a date. I could take her to a wonderful restaurant and have a special dinner. Maybe we could watch some romantic movies and end the night with some sparks.

I think that’s how should treat the girls if they love them so much. I mean, should it really be necessary to keep your girl scared, horrified and restless? That could even lead her to a heart attack!

But I’m no representative of all the guys here. Maybe some girls just like to be scared. Or maybe scaring someone is one of the ways to express love for each other. Who knows? Maybe you just prank each other and be the best pranker. I think that’s kinda cool, right?

Guess what, at some part of the world. There’s this couple who find themselves happy and contented by pranking each other, proving that love has “no” boundaries when it comes to expressing it. And this time, it’s the guys time to show her his “love”.

So let’s get into this guy’s perspective.

What could be the perfect prank for someone? Pies on the face? Maybe the old whoopee cushion? Seriously, guys! It’s 2015! The age of technology! Why not use technology as a medium!?

And so, this guy uses some see through screen and a projector to display a floating ghost girl. Yes, he set it up in 4 freaking AM to scare her girl. But of course, you’ll give your best efforts if you really want to show your girl some love, right?

I don’t really want to spoil you that much. But if I’ll sum it up, it’s just freaking hilarious.

Hmm.. Well, I wish me and my girlfriend could do this one J

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