This Emotional Video Will Surely Move You Into Tears. If Not, Nothing Will!

(source: Zsofia Zsemberi)


Do you ever wonder if you really have a soul inside your body? You know, just to see if you really are a real human being? Do you ever thought of doing some tests just to see if you have a normal heart that feels sympathy or anything? Or you just want to figure it out if you’re just plain numb or anything.

Don’t trouble yourself with psychologists or spiritual healers that only tell you to listen to a certain bell or something. You don’t have to go with those doctors that force you to watch metronomes. Here at NewsTycoon, we’ll gladly test your mind and spirit if you’re a real human or you’re just some soulless lunatic.

But to be able to confirm this, you must watch this video first. It’s nothing much really.

Just make sure you got yourself some box of tissues and maybe some tub of ice cream because you might need.

So this is a story of a person being adopted, taken care of, and loved by a certain family.

At first, everything was a-okay. She was treated well by her family. She was fed. She had clothing. She was accommodated and all. But after some time, they got tired of taking care of her.

She noticed that they were actually turning the cold shoulder on to her. But of course, that doesn’t mean that they don’t love her, right? So to keep up with these, she made efforts to get their attention.

Sadly, she failed. And by that time, her parents decided to lose her forever by leaving her on the road, alone.

And the saddest part here? This girl wasn’t actually a human. She is… a dog.

Sad, isn’t it?

So yes, if you were moved by watching this video, then that means you are safe (and you got a working heart and a soul to keep.)

But if you didn’t even flinch at all, well… Meh!

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