This Gigantic Dog Pins Its Owner Down Because It Doesn’t Want Him To Go To Work

(source: Rumble Viral)


Dogs have their own needs in life. They need shelter. They need good dog food. They need water. They need medicines. And yes, they also need love and care from those who own them. Believe it or not, they need love and affection, too!

Dogs that ask for affection will always look funny and cute. When they crawl to your legs and circle around, letting their fluffy fur brush your legs, you’ll just melt. Just a few moments after, and you’ll be hugging your dug like a teddy bear. And yes, that hug usually evolves into a tighter hug and some kisses.

But what if the dog that asks for affection turned out to be a gigantic dog? Well, maybe the same size as an average human body. And to make everything more interesting, he’s pinning you because he doesn’t want you to go away.

Well, that may look very, very, very weird. But trust us when we say this, it’s just plain adorable! Just look at how this Saint Bernard pinned his owner because he doesn’t want his owner to leave. Aww!

Just look at that. I do get jealous to these people who just have their dog there and begging them to love them. How about me? I get to own a cat who only wants my food and my toy mouse. If I asked her to love me, she’ll just ignore me. Ugh!

So yes, I think the way to deal this adorable dilemma is just to give your dog what he wants. Just give him that love! Just give him some hug and make sure that he really gets it with love!

For those people out there, please love your dog! Seriously! You’ll surely feel lucky to have a dog instead of a cat for a pet!