Watch This Awesome Girl Fold Pizza Boxes With Lightning Fast Speed!

(source: Breanna Gray)


Sometimes, you will seriously love your job so much that when you try to do it, you’ll look like a master in the art of that work. With all the experience that you have, you could finish it at lightning speed. So if we say that your job is a baker and you almost loved baking that much, then it means that you could knead the dough like a boss. This goes with almost every food prep job.

As a pizza lover, I thought that boxes arrive on the pizza stores folded. But in reality, they are individually folded by someone from the store. And from my own perspective (on which I believe that I have the worst folding skills,) folding hundreds of boxes is not an easy thing to do.

Yes, you have to ensure that your boxes are folded perfectly. They shouldn’t be too soft for the pizza to fall once it is inserted inside. The box shouldn’t have excess folds that could make it old and yucky. All boxes should be folded as perfectly as possible.

And look, if you could do it as fast as you can (because there’s no such thing as a single person folding boxes for a living,) then that would be super awesome. Just look at this girl!

Just look at her hands! Aren’t they amazing and awesome? Like seriously, she could fold those hundreds of boxes with fluid motion. And the most amazing part here is that she’s not even flinching as she does it.

And judging by the number of boxes folded in her back, we could truly say that she can actually fold a lot of boxes in the littlest time possible. It’s like her destiny. It’s her game! It’s her freaking talent!

So lady, go forth and fold those boxes like a boss!