GOAT STAMPEDE! Hundreds Of Goats Swarmed Down From A Hill For Grazing!

(source: The Experimentals)


We had a little farm back in Texas when I was a little girl. We had the usual animals like cows, chickens, pigs and goats. Usually, I help our dog Steffan herd the goats until every single one is secured inside their pen. We only had 10 goats by that time, and seeing them running and forming a little stampede is just way too scary.

Well, I thought 10 goats creating a stampede were enough for me. But after seeing this video, I never felt so nostalgic (and a bit scared at the same time).

If you’re wondering how can someone have a hundred goats swarming its way from the hill, then you must know that it was all part of a research study made by Lawrence Berkley  National Library.

So why let a hundred goats run wildly? Well, according to the lab, they want to keep their grasses short and reduce the cause of wildfire by feeding these grasses on goats. So that means you’re not only reducing the chances of having a sudden wildfire, but you’re also helping a lot of goats as well. Of course, who doesn’t want a wildfire-free land with full and happy goats?

Now, if I was on a car and nearby and I saw these herds of goats, hungrily running towards their grassy paradise, I would definitely take a record a video and I might even hug one sheep (if I could even catch one).

Goats may be a common animal to some, but no one can appreciate goats more than these researchers. Not only do they conduct researches that could make the goats happy, but they’re also reducing the risk of having sudden wildfires that could even cost lives of both animals and humans.

Bravo to you, goat herders! And may goat-standing aim be an achievable in the future!