This Music Video Is So Interactive, Your Fingers Will Be The Star of It!

(source: AmuroNamiech)


If you want to procrastinate and do nothing but amusing tasks, then it’s your lucky day! We got something that could give you either an overdose of epicness or maybe something that won’t really move you (because you’re a heartless being).

Just to be clear, you don’t need to actually read much stuff and maybe think of complicated things because for the next 5 minutes, you’ll be surprised and feel a bit of amazement after watching this clip.

The only thing that you need to do is to position your finger on that certain point of the screen and let the 3 minute magic do wonders for you. Now go on!

If you ever feel like you really want to do it again and again until your work time deplete to none, then don’t blame us, we already told you that it is as entertaining as watching a dolphin play a guitar while blowing a horn!

Have you tried playing it? If you just did, then please SETTLE down!

The video that just have amused you by 1000x levels maxed is a music video for the song titled “Golden Touch”. And although we’re not really sure about it, we did safely assume that the song was about touching something (or maybe feeling something). But whatever that is, we are greatly amused by it!

If you really felt satisfied about, then it’s pretty normal. Why? Because the director of this music video, Masashi Kawamura, had earned various awards such as the Cannes Lions (which is pretty big for a video editor like him).

But seriously, I think I could spend my whole day just pointing my finger to that specific spot, and enjoy the song while I ignore certain tasks for today.

Well, that is if you really want to spend the next few weeks without work. LOL!

Thank you, Masashi, for giving us way to procrastinate!