Watch This Goose Race Against A Car In This Funny Yet Adorable Video

(source: dillpwnz0rz)


Being a goose is not that easy. You need to survive the harsh climate that Mother Nature gives to you for natural selection. You may be an omnivore, but you really need to suffer eating those worms wriggling inside your beak. You have to swim and crawl to other different place just to eat. And the worst thing? You won’t be able to play duck, duck, goose because you’re a GOOSE!

Another con of living as a goose is that you won’t be able to fly as fast as those freaking moving machines that humans made.

I know Mother Nature gave you wings to fly, but I think Mother Nature loved hummingbirds more than geese when it comes to flight. That’s why you won’t be able to overtake that running car driven by that guy.

Although it’s clearly depressing and frustrating, you just have to admit that machines are way better than your wings. Now start crying goose tears!

I think the guy in the video doesn’t understand how geese feel whenever they tried pacing with cars. It’s true that it’s kinda funny to watch. But as a fellow frustrated geese, I think it’s kinda heart breaking to see a geese being left by the car.

Remember those days when you were a kid and you’re running as fast as you can just to keep up with the school bus? That’s what it feels like to race with your car!

Or maybe let me remind you of that day when you just wanted a scoop of your vanilla-flavored Ice cream, but your ice cream truck was just a hasty driver. The agony! I hope you know how it feels like to be like that!

So yes, being a goose is not as easy as it seems. It’s stressful and it will make you feel bad. That’s why if there’s a goose trying to race with you, just let it win. Let it fly faster as it realizes that it’s better than your modernized moving machine!