This Guys Showed This Gorilla Photos Of Other Gorillas, And The Gorilla’s Reaction Was Just Priceless!

(source: Paul Ross)


What do you feel when you find an unwanted face pic from another one’s phone? You know, those times when you were mortified by the fact that someone took a pic of your face and it doesn’t look good. I mean, what if those people posted in on Instagram or something? What if people recognize that face? What if the original poster tagged me? OMG!

Eventually, you’ll just forget about this one and move on with your life since this is a common thing. And admit it, there were a lot of ugly pictures of you that were already posted on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. So yes, I think you could probably let it go for a day or two.

But what if animals had their experiences of this one? What if they saw a picture of their own faces on someone’s phone? And the worst part? They couldn’t do anything about it since they’re freaking animals! (Well, at least they don’t have any social media accounts, right?)

Just look at this gorilla looking at pictures of himself (assuming that all gorillas look the same.)

Okay, he was baffled. He was definitely confused and shocked as he looked at the smartphone’s screen carefully. It’s like he was saying these lines:

Dafuq? That was not me! That was Greg from Cage #4

Okay, that was definitely a good shot!

Who was that girl? She’d darn hot!

Wait, swipe it back! I blinked!

No, seriously human. Swipe it back, I’m still looking at it.

Oh boy, no filter!

You must have a very crappy phone camera.

Definitely, those could be the things that the gorilla was actually thinking while this guy was showing some pics.

The lesson of this video? Never underestimate a gorilla’s sense of photography because sometimes, it’s your crappy phone camera’s fault that you got pictures that gorillas can’t even understand.