These Gorillas Just Went Crazy After Seeing Their Own Reflections In The Mirror

(source: Xavier HUBERT-BRIERRE)



What things run into your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do you think you are prettier than Angelina Jolie? Do you see yourself as masculine as Matt Damon? Do you think you are as smart as Jimmy Neutron? But whatever you’re thinking, you won’t be as sazzy  as this gorillaz.

When scientists from the Behaviour and Evolution Research Group at Stirling University in Scotland prepared a big ol’ glass in the middle of the jungle, various animals (such as these gorillas) went crazy after seeing their own reflection.

According to some scientists, this “mirror test” studies how different animals accept their perception with oneself. Since we really need to grasp our awareness to ourselves, we cannot easily accept the fact we have “illusions” of ourselves. And in this case, we have mirrors.

Unlike other animals that passed this test, gorillas displayed a very different approach when they saw their reflections in the mirror. For example, the video above showed that silver back gorillas have the tendency to intimidate themselves once they see their own reflection. This means that silver back gorillas have poorest possibility of accept the fact that he and the gorilla in the mirror is just one. Like seriously, the only group of gorillas that I knew couldn’t be mad at their own reflection is the band called Gorillaz!



Many animals have also taken the mirror test and proved that they don’t actually approach in aggression. There were even certain tests that some animals, like the dolphins, first figured it out that the animal they’re seeing on the other side of the mirror were actually their own reflection.  Other animals like monkeys, wild cats and birds showed different approaches towards the test, which makes this test quite interesting.

For some, this test may sound very senseless. I mean, just look at them! Some may think that these scientists are just fooling these animals. But little do these people know that this can clearly show the real nature of animals. Animals don’t usually have the instances of seeing themselves in the mirror, right?

u mad bro?
Gorrila: U Mad Bro?

Silverback Gorillas (like those in the video) are very protective when it comes to their groups. Like real leaders, they’ll approach threats with the cost of their lives. Roles are very important with this gorillas, this is the possible reason why these creatures act furiously and aggressively when they saw another possible competitor in the pack.

the true nature
The true nature of gorillas

Animals are fun to watch and observe once you get to know them pretty well in terms of behavior and characteristics. These scientists just gave us the opportunity to see what the true nature of animals is.