You Can Never Be As “Bro” As This Awesome Skateboarding Grandpa!

(source: Antena 3)


If I was a 80-year-old guy, I’d probably sit on a rocking chair, listening to some chill Sunday music while rocking myself out of everything that requires moving. No more walking around, no more playing chess. It’s just me and resting for a wee bit more. Yes, that would be the best life of an 80-year-old guy.

When you get old, people expect this to happen to you. It’s rare for some to see you rolling on something when you get really old. It’s all about what-if-your-brittle-bones-break kind of look.

But what if you were different from the rest? What if you’re that 80-year-old guy who knows how to freaking do an Ollie, a rail grind or even some 360s?

Well, this chump isn’t really an old guy. But I guess when you’re an epic 19-year-old skater, then nothing is wrong with dressing up and disguising yourself as an old man.

Meet Danny Leon, your typical 19-year-old teen except that he’s got an extraordinary skill set that you didn’t have when you’re 19. He’s an amazing skater that was hired by Red Bull as an official promoter. When you’re just 19 and you’ve been hired by a big company that sells energy drinks, that means your something.

So anyway, this group of teens was just having the time of their lives on the usual skating park when this group of elderly dominated them.

Of course, these teens can teach some of the old guys some tricks (and maybe the basic of skateboard balancing). But when Mr. Danny here got into the wholes, everything was just doped!

Like seriously, these teens had faces like they saw a cow being sucked up by a UFO, only this time, the cow wears a tutu.

Old guy Danny did some tricks and left some teens jaw-dropped. And everyone was just simply amazed by his moves.

Moral of the story: Never judge a skater by his white hairs or his veins on his skin because it might be the sign that he’s been sponsored by Red Bull.