This Grumpy Dog Makes Sounds Because His Human Owners Ruin His Sleep

(source: Rumble Viral)


Mornings, ugh! Mornings are the worst part of the day to wake up. Although we are forced, required encouraged to wake up early for work, we couldn’t hide the fact that it’s just freaking stressful!

Admit it, you’ve been to that point where you just don’t want to get up from your soft, warm, comfy, relaxing bed and just stay there until the world comes to an end. You just want to stretch out and cuddle your pillow and blanket as you let Mr. Sun to shine bright pass through you. But no, you can’t allow that because you’ll be late for school, work or your meeting.

If humans have this struggle during the time between 5am to 10am, then what more if you’re a mutt who doesn’t have any human responsibilities? Who would want to wake up early in the morning if you don’t have to go to work? Jeez! Can’t someone respect their sleep!

Take the case of this cute pug. You’ll definitely feel his agony with his grunts.

We talked to our “dog whisperer” and asked for the meaning of these grunts. This is what the “dog whisperer” came up decrypted.

“Human, stop waking me up!”

“Human, I need to get some beauty sleep!”

“Human, I know I drank a few more beers. Just let me get some more time to rest!”

“Human, I told you! I’m not a fan of morning shows, so stop waking me up!”

“Yes, human! I’m also not a fan of cereals!”

“Ugh, human! For the last time, I’m Jake! Lilith is the morning dog, not me!”

“Ugh, should I really have to deal with you guys?!”

And that’s about it. This only means that the dog doesn’t really want to get up and deal with his owner’s foolishness.

Dogs (that are able to read human texts and have the capacity to understand this content), if you think your owners are douche who wants to ruin your sleep. Run.. Run if you can! Fight for your right to sleep peacefully at night!