There’s Nothing More Adorable Than A Baby With A Grumpy Face

(source:  Miguel Félix Gut)


Babies tend to make funny faces when they’re with their parents. Sometimes, they’ll smile so wide that you won’t help but pinch their chubby cheeks. Sometimes, they’ll pull out faces like they drank vodka or something. But usually, they’ll just do whatever they want with their faces. Like seriously, they don’t mind looking like a fool because whatever expression they pull off, they will still look adorable.

Yes, we are all on smiles and sweet cheeks, but what’s more adorable is to see a baby with a grumpy face. It’s kinda cute because you don’t really expect them to make faces like this one.

Once a baby pull this one, they will look like they’re tired of everyone’s sh*t. It’s like they are saying : I’m done with the airplane, Martha! I know it’s your hand and not a freaking airplane! Or maybe when you try to carry one and he made a gigantic pout, he might be saying Ugh, not you again! You’re not my father!

So that could be some of the reasons why these adorable babies pout. Just like this cute baby who seems to be troubled to whatever he’s looking at right now.

Like seriously, whatever this baby is staring right now, you should take it outside. It’s like the baby was judging it through its soul.

And just look at his eyebrows! They’re like they really want to meet, but the human anatomy doesn’t want them to.

But still, I find this baby pretty adorable. And ugh, he’s still the cutest of them all!

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