This May Look Like An Ordinary Carved Guitar, But You’ll Be Surprised Once You Figured Out Where It Was Carved!

(source: Art Fido .com)


When I was still a student, my teacher asked us to do an art project made up of something that is not commonly used as a medium. Like for example, some of my classmate brought art stuff made out of manila papers, old cd racks, melted crayons, and other things that you really won’t expect in an art class. I decided to create an art from carved crayons but it turned out bad.

Later that year, the same teacher asked us to do the same thing. So what I did was I chose another medium for my carving. So instead of using a crayon, I used soap. But guess what? That day, it rained very hard! So the rain eventually softened my soap. Then again, it was ruined. And yes, I did gave up.

Now, my friends thought of actually having this kind of competition again. So I thought very hard about it. I need to come up with something that won’t actually end up with the crayon and the soap. And of course, this should be awesome!

So after some serious research, I came up with this awesome art!

Okay, I do admit that I can’t probably meet his same artistry and work (heck, I doubt that I could even carve that super detailed guitar on a miniature piece of lead.) But who knows? I could eventually think of something!

And guess what! Since it is a guitar, then I could think of other instruments like:

  • An awesome drum set (though I don’t know how anyone could fit a set on that single lead)
  • A violin (but what about the stick?)
  • A majestic flute (and maybe make it so close to the real thing that you could actually blow to it.)
  • Or maybe I could carve another pencil on the pencil’s lead! Pencilception!

So wait for me, you unartistic people! Get ready to see a freaking set of pencils carved on another pencil’s tip!

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