This Guy Just Avoided A Speeding Ticket By Using His Badass “Superpower”

(source: SpideyHypnosis)


If you have a super power and you can use it to your own good, what would that be?

Well, if I were to be that guy, it should be invisibility. I like to be invisible and just grab whatever stuff that I want to steal inside malls and stores and escape without a trace. Then I could eat more and more food and maybe look at people while they see their cake levitate and stuff. That would be awesome, right?

Now, this guy that we’re going to show you have an ability to make people forgot things. You could actually consider him as a mentalist (because he is actually one.) But that’s clearly not the point here, the point here is that he just got away with a speeding ticket because he did some freaky mind games with the police.

So guys, you better remember this man’s face because you might be duped in the future.

Meet Bedros “Spidey” Akkelian, an ordinary magician with a not so ordinary power to f*ck up someone’s mind in the most amazing way.

So here’s what he was about to do.

He’s going to test out his psychic abilities by alarming the police with his speeding. And then, he’ll try to get away with the ticket by mentally altering the poor officer’s mind. So it’s like you’re really freaking up sometone’s job. Atta boy!

So when the officer stopped him from over speeding, Spidey here did some mental-inducing stuff like finger snapping and confusing word jumbling. And seconds after, you got yourself a confused officer.

Hurray, we just got ourselves an awesome guy who just got away with the authority.

So if you’re a police and you just saw this face, just let him go. You really don’t want to look baffled in the middle of the road.