This Guy Opened This Belly.. and Then Something Just Came Out From It!

(source: Josan Imperial)



This guy should get an award for having the strongest balls of manliness in terms of nature tripping!

A guy from an unidentified beach was recorded operating a dead but pregnant shark. At first, the shark may look like it was only bloated, but when the man cut her open, they discovered that something alive was still insider her stomach (skip to 2:16 if you want to see it immediately).

At first, the guy was having a hard time finding the right flesh to cut with his knife (since he might stab the baby sharks inside). Thankfully, one of people in the video knows that something was definitely inside the dead mother’s womb.

The guy on the video continuously carved his way through the mother’s stomach as he kept on guessing which part contains the unlucky baby shark. But after a few moments, they saw something moving inside the stomach.

He quickly snipped it out and POOF! He just successfully did a Caesarian birth to a dead shark.

What is more surprising is that the shark did not only have 1 baby shark inside. Instead, it got three baby sharks inside its womb.

After pulling out the baby sharks out of their mother’s sacs, they tried pushing them back into the shore. Although some social media users thought that these babies won’t be able to survive without their mom on their side, science knows better. This is because sharks, even though they were just born, can survive alone without any parental guide.

As of now, there are no news whether the shark’s pups survived after they were born. Let’s just trust Mother Nature that she’ll take care of everything for those orphaned pups.

And with that, expect Pixar to create “Finding Maddison” that features 3 baby sharks in the future.