Watch This Crazy Guy Own Taiko no Tatsujin Like A Boss!

(source: James McVinnie)


According to the Internet’s folklores, the race called Asians dominate each and every aspect of gaming.  No Asian is not good on any game. Some say that Asians of all ages can learn to play a specific game and own every other contender like they’re just eating something. Like seriously, they can defeat you without even putting up a fight.

Legend has it that there’s this man who mastered playing Taiko no Tatsujin so much that he practiced every day just to master the game. Like seriously, he probably did nothing but to play this awesome game.

But so, legends may not be true. Legends are just legends that are passed from one person to another. But there was this video proving that the legend is true. And it was all thanks to this gamer who just discovered the guy who plays Taiko no Tatsujin like a legend.

Don’t believe us? You just have to watch this and see it for yourself!

Not that being racist or anything (cause seriously, Asians are very good at gaming), but this guy really played it like a champ. Like seriously, I think no one could stop him from playing this!

Game Designer James McVinnie was just playing some Mario Kart on the arcade when he saw this amazing guy playing Taiko no Tatsujin, a drum game that requires the player to follow certain patters in beating the drums.

I do understand that if you’re a gamer, you must really feel the game that you’re playing. And if you really need to personify the game that you’re playing (just like what this guy did), then I guess you are worthy of a salute.

So did he got a perfect score in playing this game? We highly doubt since the excitement fling the stick from his hand, making him lose some beat.

But either way, this guy truly deserves a medal for being a true blue gamer!