These Moms Use A Hacking Pepper Mill Which Deactivates Gadgets Persuading Kids to “Interact” At The Dinner Table!

(source: Dolmio Australia)


Screw me for saying this, but I think technology has ruined pretty much everything about human interaction. Instead of putting time talking to each other like what we’re doing years ago, we just bow our heads and be slaves to our smartphones. We don’t even care that much whenever we’re near people. It’s just you, your cyber world, and your gadget.

It’s saddens me when I see a bunch of people in front of the plate, not giving an eff on the food that was served to them (except for that time when they IG’d the food for likes.) And to be honest, life is pretty much depressing now that people ignore this.

The worst part about this is that people (especially kids) throws tantrums every time their parents (or some grownup) ask them to shut their gadgets when eating. Seriously, is this how we raise our kids?

To fix this, a certain company came up with a way to deactivate those gadgets inside the house to persuade kids to interact with their family members, all thanks to this magical pepper mill!

With a twist, you’re not only seasoning your favorite meals, but you’re deactivating your gadgetries around the house. This means no more phones and other stuff during meals. Isn’t that pretty amazing?

This video already earned a lot of comments on YouTube, and it made different well-put arguments that agree and disagree with the idea.

Some thought that deactivating gadgets are somehow illegal (take note: EMP). Some think that parents should be more mindful about the way they raise their kids. However, some people think that this idea is quite great and should be implemented on some households.

According to some sources, this pepper mill is just a “prototype” which won’t be available for consumers, for now.

In my opinion, I think we should start limiting our use of technology. I don’t really want this to happen in my house. And yes, I think improving our way in raising our kids is more logical than getting a mini-EMP that can season your meals.