Screw Your Painted Hand Prints! This Mom Made His Son’s Hand Prints with Science!

dirty hands
Eww, Just Eww!

Our moms always warn us to wash our hands before and after we eat our meals. As stubborn (and hungry) kids, we tend to ignore these rules and immediately dive in to their sweets. But before we could touch our food with our dirty hands, our moms would quickly give us the “(insert full name here)” stare. Of course, it’s for the cleanliness of all, but we’re just plain hungry right? But after seeing what this mom from Cabrillo College did on a petri dish, you’ll suddenly regret everything.

Remember those days in Chemistry/Biology class where we are assigned to look into stuff inside the petri dish? I mean, green pigments from leaves are definitely harmless and all, but not a kid’s hand print being visible because of some serious microbial activities isn’t really great at all.

Tasha Sturm, an awesome mom that can use the petri dish to explain life lessons, asked his son to make an imprint inside it after playing with their dog outside and cultivate it for 5 days. For 5 days, she spent her time on a petri dish that can serve as the best lesson when it comes to hand-washing.

Microbial Handprint
This happens when your mom had higher Chem grades than you.

Although it DOES look beautiful, everyone should be reminded that it’s darn microbes. They’re not some fancy paper origami or blobs of paint. They’re basically living things.

Just so you know, I suddenly had an urge of washing my hands with the best soap that I have at home. Seriously, I’m not a microphobic, but this just gave me the creeps.

So at the end of the day, let’s give thanks to Tasha Sturm and his son for showing that our Mom’s know best and their knowledge about things are actually proven by science!

Now, let me just wash my hands for the 5th time today!

(cover image photo source: lionasiamedia)