This May Look Like An Ordinary Perch. But With A Push Of A Button…



Remember those spy movies that show various hidden lairs concealed on mountains, volcanoes, castles and other creepy stuff? Whenever they’re about to reveal those “bad-caves”, some parts of the original landscape moves that gives way to the lair. When you look at it, it’s kinda cool, right?

Having your secret “lair” under a landscape that’s secretly hiding your base is kinda cool when you have one in real life. It’s like you’re controlling your surroundings and Mother Nature is letting you borrow her powers to keep your lair. (Okay, so maybe I sound a bit nerdish with this one).

But either way, hiding something on your home makes you look cooler. You’ll definitely look like a badass when you show this thing to your friends.

So what if you have a secret *something* on your home? What if you have a pool, just hidden somewhere that not all people could find out. Well, you better check these pools out to know what I mean.

Just imagine having a conversation with your friends and your neighbor as you introduce your pool to them.

Neighbor: So Billy, I heard that you already installed your pool. But where is it? I haven’t seen any deep hole in here.

Billy: Silly you! You just have to look carefully! I do have my own pool here!

Neighbor: But where? I mean, I should’ve noticed it right now if you really have one!

Billy: Come on, use your eyes.

Neighbor: Already did, but I can’t really see it!

Billy: Fine, let me show you. (presses button)

Neighbor: *area where he stands shook* OMG! WHAT IS THAT!

Billy: You may want to step aside if you don’t want to get wet.

*After a few minutes, pool appeared)


Billy: *wears sunglasses* Oh yeah…

Hmm… Now where could we get that kind of pool?