What Is the Mystery Behind This Talented Piano Player?

(source: Sly Dylan)


Musical instruments out on the street for people to play are a common sight to see nowadays. Some restaurants and fancy food shops use this to attract guests and musicians that can showcase their gift and talent to people who walk nearby.

Usually, people who make beautiful music aren’t blessed as those who have everything in life. Sometimes, you’ll see random people begging for dimes or pennies by playing beautiful notes and pieces.

It’s kinda sad to think that talented people usually end up being poor, homeless or burdened. You know that they have potential, but it’s just that the opportunities aren’t really that great. It is as if their destinies are playing a fool out of them.

However, a certain homeless man might have a bright future ahead of him, thanks to a certain viral video that already reached a 100k views within a day.

That talented man is Donald (Boone) Gould. He ‘lives’ on downtown Sarasota and knows how to play various musical instruments. At first, some may think that this man is just as hopeless as anybody else. But if you take a closer look (and hear him at least), you’ll soon realize that this man is just genius.

According to his GoFund me page, Donald is a former Marine and a music theory student.

He knows how to play various instruments because of his course. He usually play the piano on the video everyday just to spend time. He got nobody else right now and he badly needs support because of the things that he’s been through.

If only people could really understand music that much, then they could understand this guy’s hopes in having a new future. His talent is way too far imaginable. As a matter of fact, it’s beyond outstanding.

Let’s help Donald J Let’s give him a chance to survive and maybe provide him a second chance. Who knows? He could bring back the colors of the music industry once he got his feet back on.

Stay strong, Donald!