You’ll Definitely Want To Double Check Your Locks After Watching This Magician Horse Escape His Own Stall

(source: AFV Approved)


Little do some people know that horses are smarter than your average pets. Yes, they may neigh and ran around frantically without any reason, but I do believe that they can outsmart you really bad. And believe me on this one, they can trick you in the most unexpected way.

I’ve seen a lot of horses who can do this. I’ve seen barn horses that would lick your ears and “laugh” and let you chase them for a pat. I’ve seen horses doing mathematics and some other horses that even “speak”, however one horse stood out the most.

For the first time ever, you’ll see a horse that was the reincarnation of Harry Houdini.

Yes, you read that right! This horse really knows how to escape from his stall. And what’s even more outstanding about this horse is that he also opens other doors and cage openings. Like seriously, he really is one of the best “escapist” of all horse race!

Meet Mariska, a Freisian Mare that has the color of the night and has a wit of a night stalker. Like seriously, she can easily stalk you in the night because she can open her stall door.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly woke up in the middle of the night with an open door because most probably, this horse magician already opened it for you.

So yes, she doesn’t only open her door, but she also opens other horse’s doors so that they can be free just like her. It’s like she’s not only a magician, but a democratic horse that only wants freedom to every horse in her barn.

According to her owner, Mariska learned this trick all by herself. They tried almost everything, but it seemed like the horse really outsmarted her owners.

If Harry Houdini was still alive today, I believe he’ll but this horse immediately and do some magic tricks and death-defying escapes. What do you think?