You’ll Definitely Commit A Crime If This Hot Cop Apprehends You


Forget Robo-Cop! Forget Chappie! Forget Batman! There’s a new crime fighter in town that could really make anyone admit their crimes (if they committed one)! And I think that if this guy visited my town, the crime rates would lower down!

Now who’s this cop that we’re talking about?

First hot cop pick up line
Yes, it’s all in the muscles,

Meet New York City Sheriff’s Deputy Miguel Pimentel! You’re not so ordinary cop with the body of The Rock and the face of a hot Latino/Spanish guy. This is who what most of the girls on social media are talking about right now. And as you can see, he’s no ordinary cop. Well, he is your ordinary cop, except that his way too hot to handle.

Miguel (or Mr. Bad Cop for those who really want to catcall him) is a serious bodybuilder and an avid contender in some bodybuilding contest. One of his famous wins was in 2013 at the National Physique Committee New Jersey State Championships for amateur bodybuilding. This just explains why this macho man has the body of the heavenly deities!

cop busted
Yep, he did.

A lot of internet viewers believed that this cop was ultimately the hottest cop ever since the world began. As a matter of fact, some women on social media sites have joked that they would even commit crimes just for him to arrest them. *insert cop pick up line here*

His photo started circulating when Pimentel’s personal trainer posted a picture of him leaning his back on his patrol car. And guess what the caption says? “Excuse me while I go commit a felony.” Well uhm, excuse me, too!

Anyway, we asked around the office how hot this uber hot cop really is. Of course, it was unanimous. He was scorching hot! Someone even suggested that he could endorse Old Spice! So why not? At least let us do the first move by giving you this!

old spice police
Well, it does match, right?

But girls, before you really do those crimes, let me tell you that Sheriff Miguel Pimentel isn’t single!

Oh no!

According to Pimentel’s mom, the hunky cop is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend for 2 years now. So girls, give up! Let’s just support this crime-fighting guy by wishing him good luck with his loyal girlfriend!

super sweet cop
He’s not just ruthless, he’s super sweet, too!

So girls, be warned! He may look like a hot cop, but he’ll still do his job in protecting us! Be a good citizen and report anything that you see. That’s a better way to talk to him rather than having a chat behind bars, right?

Thank you Miguel Pimentel and the rest of the police force for keeping us safe!