How Do You Win An Argument With Your Girlfriend?



Are you the kind of guy who usually argue with your girl? Is your girl the type of girlfriend that couldn’t get her will together as she nags you with some POVs and useless arguments that are really not related with the topic? Does she have that AK-74 mouth that could shoot 500 wpm (words per minute)? Are you now sleepless because she will have this “argue mood” that could last till morning?

Well, you got unlucky, bud. I guess you just had the wrong girlfriend? But you can actually fix it with a simple hack!

No need to get some magic potions and love spells to silent her. No more binding skills that will haunt her voice forever! WE don’t settle with those ways because we’re already in the age of technology! Now, you can shut her for the mean time with a…. PHONE WITH A CAMERA!

Yep, no more going through 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or maybe 48 hours of nagging! Expect peace and quiet as you spend the next 5 minute intervals of silence with your PHONE! All you have to do is to find its camera app and take selfie!

Just one easy step, and the noise around you will be gone… for the meantime!

Girlfriend doubting because of your best friend? Just take a selfie and hear the birds sing peacefully!

Arguing about bills and splitting them like crazy? Nonsense! Just take a selfie and you can ever hear yourself speaking!

Girl wants to break up with you for no apparent reason at all? Take selfie and take your problems away for a minute!

But remember, upload them immediately on FB or on IG, or else you’ll have no space left for the next 30 minutes!

So what are you waiting for? Get your very own phone now and love your girlfriend like you never did(?)  before!

Note: Seriously, love your girlfriend, okay?



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