Fed Up with Your Facebook Friends Sending Game Requests? Here’s How To Shut Them Out!

Candy Crush
It's time to be free!


An Open Letter For My Friends Who Frequently Send Game Requests on Facebook

Hi! By this time, you should’ve realized that I don’t like to play Candy Crush, Farmville, City Ville or any other simulation game on Facebook. Seriously, I won’t bother giving you an additional life on the game that you play (since you’re already bugging my one and only life with your game requests). I just wish that you just disappear, but that would make me a bad person. I also don’t want to unfriend you since I’m not that kind of person. But your existence just irritates me to the bone. This is why I’m lucky to find a “hack” to silence you once and for all!

Thanks! And stop sending me requests!

Sorry, but I know I’m not the only one in the Facebook hemisphere who’s already fed up with game request. But with this little “hack” of mine, I was able to block all possible games that awakens my notification each and every 30 minutes.

Sorry friends, I do also have my privacy.

Here are the step by step procedures on how to block those irritating requests!

Facebook Setting
Click on the blue triangle on the upper right part.

First, go to your Facebook account’s Settings page. You can do this by clicking the tiny blue triangle on the right site of your webpage. If you’re lazy like me, you could just click this link!

Facebook Blocking
Click on Blocking

Right after that, click on Blocking at the left sidebar. Its icon is a red circle with a horizontal white line inside.

Facebook Block Apps
Type in your game’s name

You will now be directed on your Manage Blocking menu. Here, you could block various things like users (for those people who just can’t get life together), event invites, apps and pages. Since we’re talking about apps, you need to go to scroll down to the Block Apps. Just type in the games that you want to block!

block invite
Type in your most hated person here

But if you still want to play the game but you just hate a specific person inviting you for that game, then just block him/her on the Block Invites field.

And that’s about it!

You may now live in peace and prosperity without those pesky Facebook game notifications!

(cover photo image source: ggpht)