WTF! This Guy Just Successfully Skinned A Watermelon, But How The Heck Did He Do That?

(source: Mark Rober)


Skinning fruits and eating without their skin is one of the most hassle-free ways to eat your produce. Sometimes, you just want to peel of an apple’s skin and just eat those fleshy parts without worrying that a fruity fiber might get stuck on your teeth. And what’s best with eating skinless fruits is that you can just chomp on it without worrying.

But look, what if you tried skinning bigger fruits? You know, maybe eat a skinned cantaloupe? Skinned lemon? Maybe chomp down some skinned melon or a dragon fruit? As long as it is skinned, you can simply eat it without a doubt, right?

But what if your friend brought you a skinned watermelon with its skin on? Like seriously, he brought a huge watermelon with its skin intact. Would you actually believe that it was real?

Well, this guy came to his kids’ hood with a freaking skinned watermelon. It looked like kinda cool and creepy at the same time, but to thin that you could actually skin this is actually amazing… Unless…

You’ve been tricked by this awesome engineer!

Actually, that was pretty dope for a party trick. Imagine going to a birthday party with a gigantic watermelon in your arms. People would look at you with disgust. But don’t worry because you are the star of this party and you’d definitely own them later.

For this trick to work, you just need 2 whole watermelons, some knife, some creativity, and a mind that can realize that you’re awesome after showing them that you just “skinned” a watermelon.

That’s easy, right?

So the next time you got to a party and you think it will bore you to death, just remember this.

You can skin a watermelon and you’re just darn awesome. And then, the boring part will just go away.