What Do You Get When You Combine A Human-Shaped Drone And Fire? A Real Life Human Torch!

(source: DidThatJustHappen)


Drones are like really everywhere. You could see them flying around the street. You could see them stalking on you. Some states are now using drones to take pictures and survey far lands. Some even use drones to deliver the stuff that you ordered. But the least thing that you expect on a drone is to be a superhero.

Can you imagine a drone that fly really fast? Can you imagine a drone that could see through walls? Can you imagine a drone that could kick some evil-doers’ arse and bring them to justice? That could be really awesome right?

But then again, that idea is quite impossible. We all know that drones cannot dodge a bullet. They can’t even fly as fast as light. The only thing that drones could do is to fly. I mean, you can’t really have a drone that could look like a superhero.

Or maybe… You could actually have a drone customized as a superhero? But who could that superhero be? I mean, you don’t really want to get that mainstream Batman and Superman, right? So maybe a flaming Human Torch could be awesome!

A certain group of firefighters thought of this crazy idea of flying a drone that shaped like a human. And the catch? They burned it as it flies so it may look like a flying burning person… A.K.A Human Torch!

You could almost feel your curiosity igniting just by looking at this fiery flyer. Like seriously, this concept was pretty much hot!

We’re not sure why these firefighters would create such thing that produces fire. I mean, should you really create something that produces the thing that you fight?

Anyway, this Human Torch-inspired drone is just sick! Good thing the Fantastic Four is almost showing on theaters soon!

So yes, Flame On little drone!