EXCLUSIVE! Hungarian Journalist Caught On Cam Tripping And Kicking Fleeing Syrian Refugees

(source: S.R. Hadden)

Sometimes, being in the middle of the action when you’re a journalist can make you crazy and hyped. You tend to have panic attacks and worse, could make you do foolish things. Yes, being a journalist is a job that having weak emotions could damage you psychologically. However, the people doesn’t see anything like this on a journalist who kicked and tripped Syrian refugees after passing on the Hungarian border.

Sad to say, some reporters would actually put their emotions above work and think that they could get away with it. Fortunately, a freelance journalist caught this journalist harming Syrian refugees.

Believe it or not, some journalist would still have the guts to harm the refugees despite the trauma and the emotional stress that they’re already experiencing. Take the case of Petra Laszlo, a videographer who was caught kicking and tripping Syrian refugees while they caused a stampede on the borders of Hungary.

Petra works for Nemzeti Televízió (N1TV), a station that was founded in 2012. And for unknown reasons, she attacked some of the Syrians who were fleeing from the border.

Fortunately, a freelance journalist named Stephan Richter caught the incident with his camera, clearly exposing the despicable acts of Nemzeti’s videographer.

In the video, he caught her kicking a Syrian girl while running from the masses. Another scene where she tripped a man carrying a child by sticking her leg into the man’s way was also caught in the camera.

Because of this, N1TV decided to fire the employee who displayed misconduct against the refugees.

Up until now, people have no idea about the reporter’s motif. Perhaps, she still has hatred towards Syrians. For now, the said reporter is not releasing any statement regarding the incident.

For now, what we can only do is to pray for this refugees and hope that everything will be okay.