Watch These Cute and Cuddly Babies And Pets Sing “If You’re Happy And You Know It…” In The Most Adorable Way

(source: America’s Funniest Videos)


It was past nap time when the leader of the group asked us to dance. After the leader of the group magically dumped us into deep slumber, she quickly ordered us to stand up and sing. Of course, we couldn’t care less since we are just juveniles by that time. And for no apparent reason, we sang to this mesmerizing song. It is as if we are imprisoned to sing this majestic tune. We don’t know why, but this enchanting is quite addictive. I hope we could break free from her magic spell.

This would be how a very drunk kid would narrate what it feels like when they’re teacher asked them to sing the song “If you’re happy and you know it.”

I bet everyone knows that song pretty well. I mean, I guess lots and lots of kids are taught of that song when they’re still toddlers. It’s a pretty good song because it does not only practice kids with words, but it also encourages them to move their bodies.

So what can the Internet do to this song to make it 10x more awesome? Well, you could digitally add some 3D moving cartoons to make it more visual. You could maybe throwaway some cuddly toys singing the song. Or if you’re just like America’s Funniest Videos, you could combine different videos to make an awesome video collage!

After watching this video, I realized that you could actually teach this song to your pets. I mean, just tell them to clap and they’ll clap, bark, lick their tongues (which is definitely not a suitable task for kids) and to chirp.

Just imagine if all of these kids (and pets) gathered around on a circle and sang this song together. Wouldn’t be that perfect?

So thank you, elementary school teachers, for enchanting us with this irritating but lovable song!

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