This Guy Made Shopping Spree Syndrome Less Irritating… By Using Puns!

(source: simonline)


Shopping with your girl can be quite tiring. Unlike guys who could just grab and go stuff, girls tend to observe each item and compare them with each other. So if you’re shopping with a guy, a 10 item list could be bought for at least half an hour. A girl who buys the same 10 items would take 1 ½ hours to finish it off.

So yes, buying something on Ikea would take forever for guys who buy stuff with their girls. And it would be longer if you’re moving in together and you’re buying stuff for the new home.

For us guys, the only way to surpass this dilemma is to play some games on your phone or maybe grab something to eat to pass time quickly. But what if you are not allowed to eat inside and you don’t have any Internet connection with your phone? How are you going to endure this shopping madness?

This guy thought of a way to easily endure this ordeal. And guys out there, you better imitate this guy’s strategy cause this works!

So what did this awesome guy did? Well, he just filled their adventure with puns. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of puns!

From here and there, this guy totally owned his girl with puns. And do take note that he does not take puns lightly. When he does a pun, he does it good!

To all the guys out there, remember to do what this guy did

So yes, instead of blabbering or maybe throwing some tantrums like a child, just annoy your girlfriends with puns. Not only will you find it relaxing and time-consuming, but your girlfriend will finish your shopping spree fast just to avoid your corny and obnoxious jokes!

Thank Ikea for giving their items some names to create puns with!