EXCLUSIVE! Indian Official Caught Playing Candy Crush In The Middle Of A Grievance Meeting With Farmers

(source: Red Pix 24x7)

No matter how bored you are on a meeting, never ever ever ever play Candy Crush.

This could be the best tip that anyone could give to a female Indian government officer that was caught playing Candy Crush while having a serious meeting about angry farmers pouring out their thoughts to the government. And no, we didn’t actually noticed her current level and if she did finished that level.

The revenue department officer from Tamil Nadu’s Dharampuri district named S Kavitha thought that she could get away for a moment with all the ruckus and the happenings that their farmers were saying. Never did she thought that there were people recording the said meeting. And guess what the cameras found?

There were neither people fighting nor face bashing, no people cursing, no people throwing shoes or poop, just your government officer minding her own business while beating a Candy Crush level. Nothing to see here!

Well, if you really are that kind of bored with all the ruckus that these farmers are really saying, then you better pretend to listen and nod (like what other officials sometimes do.) However, you do want to fix these problems because one, it’s your department, and two, your responsibility is to fix these problems!

Farmers were expecting answer and solutions to their please, but I guess the only thing that you could expect from her is an additional life. Sweet!

Officials are now investigating this matter. They said that they already asked S Kavitha her own explanation to the video. With this, she could receive punishment according to the weight of what she did on the meeting.

So yes, I think the best way to put this article to an end is to leave you guys with this helpful tip.

If things got boring, just pretend that you need to take a pee. And then, finish that Candy Crush level inside a cubicle or something.