Inspirational 8-Year-Old Kid With Cerebral Palsy Finishes Triathlon, Shows Hope Despite Disability!

(source: Andrew Cannon)


There will be times when you just want to give up and throw everything away from you. There will be times when you just want to lay down and cry because everything is against your odds. It’s like when you believe something, but people keep on debunking it. This will come to a point where your last speckle of hope won’t be enough to keep you from moving.

But for all despair, there will always be hope shining on your way.

You, as a person, shouldn’t lose hope. It’s a sign of weakness. And believe it or not, majority of people that we thought couldn’t do it can actually do it because they want to show that hoping is not just a wishful thinking. It’s a way that you caliber your brain to succeed. It’s a way to prove that no matter who you are or what others are thinking, you could still do it.

Just look at this kid and his fight for success. For your information, the kid in the video has cerebral palsy. And yes, he just finished a triathlon.

Bailey is not your typical 8 year old kind of kid. Yes, he’s not very typical since he got cerebral palsy, but he’s not really “typical” because he just swam 100 meters, rode 4 kilometers and ran 1.3 kilometers in Castle Howard Triathlon. He just did all three of these to finish this race!

So did his disability made him stop? Nope! Despite this road-block, he pushed through everything and showed the world that problems will never be roadblocks once you let them be those things. He believes that problems should make you stronger, and that’s what he proved with the triathlon.

For the last 20 meters, he ran without his guide on his side. He just walked it off like a real man. And no matter how many times he fell, he kept on coming back and finished the race!

Baily, thank you for giving us hope! Let your story be our inspiration in facing life’s most tragic events, and face them with hope that will help us get through!