People Cook Meals With This Metal Fish, And You Won’t Believe Why They Do It On Purpose!

Iron Fish

Iron deficiency is one of the biggest nutritional problems in the world. As of now, there are 3.5 billion people who are anemic and must meet a certain amount of iron to survive every day. Looking at this on a bigger picture, we could say that iron deficiency is a common problem in some major countries. Although it can be solved with enough nutrient intake, people still suffer from this sickness due to poverty.

Yes, not everyone could afford to buy nutritious meals on the market. For example, almost 50% of Cambodians suffered from anemia. This is most probably because some Cambodians cannot meet the recommended intake of iron with their meals. This is quite alarming since deficiency in iron could cause growth, heart and even pregnancy problems.

However, a doctor named Christopher Charles created a simple solution that could solve this worldwide issue. You just need to cook your food (or just boil some water) with a small metal fish.

But that would be harmful to your health, right?

Nope! As a matter of fact, this metal fish can provide you as much as 75% of an adult’s recommended intake. All you need to do is to boil this one for 10 minutes.


The Lucky Iron Fish was created to provide iron-deficient people with iron. A lot of us may not know it, but iron from steel and the iron that is needed by our bodies are just the same. Their only difference is their quantities.


Man holding a fish
Man holding a fish


According to Dr. Charles, the iron was shaped as a fish because it symbolizes luck in Cambodia. But in News Tycoon, we believed that it was shaped as a fish because finding a pig shaped bar on your soup would make it more surprising.

As of now, almost 1,250 Cambodians were no longer anemic after using the fish for half a year. And if it did continue for a more than year, the results would be unbelievable.


Fish in the table
Fish in the table


Not only does this lucky fish helped people with anemia in solving their iron deficiency, it also helped many locals by providing jobs in manufacturing these iron fishes.

Yes, the idea of putting a metal fish into your everyday meals may not sound appetizing, but its nutritional value is no laughing matter. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this metal fish on my Fillet-o-Fish.

If you have someone that’s iron deficient and you really want to help them out, cook a delectable soup with these Lucky Iron Fish. Just be careful not to feed them with the iron fish itself.


Garment Workers
Garment Workers



(cover photo image source: Kyle James Org)