Johnny Depp Paid A Visit On Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, And It Was Just Epic!


(source: NTDTV)


There was a lot of buzz inside Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital this week. Mother, Fathers and other guardians took their phones out as they tried capturing a very iconic fellow inside the institution. You could hear kids shouting in excitement as this fellow transferred from one room to another, ensuring that all kids will be visited on his short exploration. And with his braided hair on and his skunky costumer walking along the corridors of this facility, Johnny Depp has yet again made noise not only on Hollywood, but also in the eyes of various Australian kids.

Walking in as the legendary Jack Sparrow from his movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, actor Johnny Depp made dozens of kids smile at his visit. According to some of our sources, he decided to take a small break from their set and inspire kids as they go through various difficult battles in life.

Depp got on his Jack Sparrow costume and acted like him (but less dirty and stinky). For those who don’t know Jack Sparrow, he’s the main protagonist of the Pirates franchise. He’s a witty, intelligent pirate who usually deals stuff without getting his hands dirty. He commonly uses his brains when facing challenges, making him one of the funniest and most entertaining pirate in the world.

But today, he’s not into finding treasures or beating Davy Jones into a pulp. Today, he aims to make people happy by surprising them on his visit.

The moment they saw Jack Sparrow, you could already see the smiles on their eyes. Good thing Jonny Depp likes being hugged because he let these kids touch him and even give him a warm, big hug.

Aww! This video surely made me cry!

So yes, this proves that celebrities really do care about the people who watch them!

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