EXCLUSIVE! Rare Footage of Japan’s 2011 Tsunami Will Definitely Give You The Chills!



According to some news, another Category 5 Super Typhoon was formed on the Pacific Ocean and is now expected to head on Taiwan and China. Super Typhoon Soudelor is now currently the strongest tropical cyclone on Earth so far in this Year. And as it approaches nearby countries, many citizens are now preparing for the worse.

Suffering from extreme calamities is not new in our planet. Several countries already faced worse storms than this one. And yes, calamities are not only limited to storms. We also have earthquakes and tsunamis as well.

Remember the Great Tsunami in Japan last 2011? It happened on March 11, 2011 which killed more than 15,000 people in one day. It’s not like it could also happen when Super Typhoon Soudelor hits Taiwan and Japan, but you really won’t lose anything if we ready ourselves on whatever may hit us during these times.

The video here is just one of the super rare footages that caught the actual rampage of Mother Nature. This may give you an idea of what do these people felt when the great waves crashed the place they called home.

Within seconds, the tsunami rampaged through the street. Chunks of wood, appliances, furniture, roofs, cars, and even houses were simply washed away by the strong current. No one could really help anyone at this time. Miss a moment and your chance of survival will decrease to nothing.

It’s pretty heart breaking to see this people suffering like this. I mean, Japan is a great place and people here are great. But after the incident, you can almost see their agony, their sadness, their fate that could never be changed.

So guys, let’s respect Mother Nature. Let’s respect the planet that we live in. Stop doing things that contribute to Global Warming.

Let’s pray… Let’s hope that Super Typhoon Soudelor won’t be as devastating as this one.