Believe it Or Not, Japan Has A Professional Wrestler That’s Literally A Sex Doll!

(source: PuroEntertainement)


We all know that Japan is one of the weirdest countries in the world. No offense, but I think Japan is the kind of country that will make anything that it could think off. It’s not only because they’re a country that creates tons of inventors and creative artists (hello Manga?!) but also because they have the most out-of-this-world minds that will seriously boggle you.

Want proof? Well, take a look at Japan’s wrestlers. I know that WWE is the world’s famous wrestling federation and they already cooked a bunch of personalities that fit perfectly on the ring, but Japan wouldn’t create more than a dead man raised from the dead.

Now, what you are about to see is a bout of 2 different wrestlers fighting for glory. And yes, this is a REAL match with REAL PROFESSIONAL wrestlers.

Get ready to see a match that will confuse your brain like 5th grade geography! It’s because on this match, one is an average wrestler with skills of a champion, and the other is a sex doll. You read that right. It’s a sex doll!

I don’t know why, Japan. I just don’t know why.

Yoshihiko is a professional wrestler in Japan’s Dramatic Dream Team or known as DDT. It’s sort of WWE, but these wrestlers here are wackier than Mr. Macmahon. And just like everyone else in DDT, Yoshihiko knows how to bust some moves.

Don’t let this inanimate object fool you because it can literally destroy you with its moves!

I think you don’t want to be powerbombed by an inflatable. Or maybe nothing could hurt worse than a sex object reversing your leg lock. Should I also point out that this man-lover knows how to fly and do crazy tightrope stunts?

So the next time you’re watching WWE and you realized that you’re on drugs or something, stop thinking. Your idea of using a sex doll as a professional wrestler was already taken by Japan.