LOL! Jimmy Kimmel Pranked Eager Apple Fans With The Oldest Version Of iPhone

(source: Jimmy Kimmel Live)


This September, Apple had yet again released a new version of their latest iPhone 6. According to Apple during their keynote, iPhone 6s will be much better compared to its precedent, the iPhone 6. There will be more apps, more versatility, and more uses. And with that, a lot of people are seriously waiting for Apple’s new rose gold nugget.

But look, does it really matter to those who are seriously Apple fans if the newest phone isn’t really as great as they claimed? Is it really all about the specs and not the name and the brand itself? Like seriously, are they really the kind of person who wants nothing more than an Apple phone rather than a phone that can do almost everything with a cheaper price?

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel though of this very well and decided to test Americans if they do really know Apple’s iPhone 6s. And to do this, they decided to get some random people on the streets to try the new iPhone 6s. But in reality, what the interviewer did was to show the oldest version of the iPhone and pretended that it was the latest version of the iPhone.

And the results? Gosh, you really have to freaking watch this!

So we’re not really sure why if this is scripted or not. Like seriously, can’t they really differentiate the iPhone 1 with the iPhone 6? It’s pretty obvious that the iPhone series would get bigger and bigger as time goes by. But if you saw this miniature phone and told that it was the 6s, then I guess you’re pretty nutty.

And look, these people were seriously digging the new “iPhone 6s” with its brand new specs.

So I guess people do love Apple only because it is Apple and not because it is ground-breaking or anything.

Good luck with your “iPhone 6s”!