Meet Joe Charman, The Man With The Most Awesome “Skill” In The Planet!


We all have certain skills in life. Some of us know how to cook like a champ. Maybe some of us can play basketball really well like LeBron James. Some of us could even do splits or tumbles or even 360-degrees spins like some crazy ass dancers. Of course, you really just have to practice doing that skill to actually excel.

Yes, people with skills are really amusing to watch. But unlike others, some skills are pretty much worth watching. I mean, it’s better to watch someone who’s skilled in dancing rather than watch someone who’s skilled in Mathematics. Well, that’s kinda the idea that we want to say.

But what if your skill is an eye candy? What if your skill is to be lucky? Like maybe you’re super lucky in shooting stuff?

Right! What if your skill is trick/skill shots? Now that’s worth viewing, right? I mean, successfully shooting things in one go is darn awesome, right?

Meet Joe Charman, a famous Viner, comedian and a guy who got some hot mustache. And just like his awesome mustache that screams for vengeance and class, he got skills in doing trickshots.

And as he does this, he’ll say “Yeah I got skill… What you gonna do about it?”

Well, we could do the following if you want to..

  • Watch your videos again and again and again just to witness your amazing mustache.
  • Maybe grab some popcorn or some fries while watching your video.
  • Guess how many times did you try these shots before actually pulling it off.
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  • Or maybe join we could share some posts and get ourselves a FREE LIMITED EDITION NEWSTYCOON SHIRT (heck yeah!)
  • Or meh, just watch your videos again.

So yes, we might do these ones since you got skills, Joe.

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