This Beluga Whale Wanted to Play With The Kids, So He Did THIS!

(source: Michelle Cotton)


One of my most favorite things to do when I was still a child is to visit zoos and big arse aquariums. Whenever my family would bring me to those places, I feel like I’m Tarzan or something. It’s like they’re bringing me on a jungle or under the Pacific Ocean, with the option to go back to my home anytime. It’s a heaven for any animal lover like me!

My favorite part inside zoos and aquariums are those rooms where you can interact with the animals on their habitat. Again, I do feel like Tarzan or Aquaman whenever I am inside these rooms. I feel like I’m the king of the jungle/sea!

There was this time when we visited an aquarium in America that really gives you the feeling that you’re playing with the orcas. I ran towards the glass and kissed the orca. And the funny thing about it is that the orca “returned” the kiss. Aww!

In this video, you will be able to see Juno, a beluga whale that “plays” with some kids. But is he really playing with them? Or is he being aggressive?

We read various comments on the video and got many reactions. Some pointed out that Juno was indeed showing aggression. They believe that he is showing superiority and authority behind the glass. They also believed that Juno was stressed because of captivity, and the only way to show it is by snapping its jaws when people look at him.

However, marine biologists believe that Juno was really playing with them. According to some trainers, Juno would normally do this to entertain people. He would open his jaws and playfully watch people run away or laugh. They believe that it’s one way of Juno in terms of human interaction.

So is it really aggression or just a misunderstood interaction? We will never know… Only Juno could answer that question. Now, if only I could plan on that trip so that I could see Juno personally!

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