This Kid Struggling Between Being Awake and Being Asleep Is An Adorable Sight To See!

(source: AFV Kids)


As a kid, the only thing that excites me when me and my mom goes to the grocery store is when we visit the cereal isles and I would pick those yummy cereals that contains toys inside. The rest of the shopping experience were usually boring and gruesomely tiring. Like for example, you don’t really care if one is hypoallergenic and one has 25% more in. Just put them both inside, mom!

And as our generation of kids passes on, the same feeling of freedom deprivation continues to seep on the minds of the new batch of kids. The same old boring feeling still crawl on these kids as they still hope that their mom could at least lend them their iPhones for Candy Crush.

How could we say such thing? Take a closer look as this toddler finds himself between the void of boredom and nappy time.

If only mom could’ve lent her smart phone to him immediately, right?

This toddler perfectly shows the true feeling that we really have inside whenever our moms spends half an hour in deciding which soap should she buy. It’s just that you really want to sleep, but you don’t want to because you might miss the chance of choosing your own cereal.

Well, the great thing about this video is that his mom let him rest on her hand as he continuously drifted to dream land. Sleep peacefully, little tyke!

So moms, the next time you visit the grocery store, try looking for something that could amuse your kid. Maybe pay a visit to the nearest cereal aisle and let him or her choose their preferred brand of cereals.

But if you don’t want to, then you should ready your right hand any moment, or your kid might fall with a painful thump on the grocery floor.